What you need to know about LED lights?

LED technology has a completely different approach and features of familiar lamp such as fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lamps. 

LED lights have many new aspects in this new technology, so not every LED lamp can be used for every purpose.

If you are buying the LED lamp you need to know exactly what you want. For example, if you are buying LED light to illuminate the tunnel you will not buy high-CRI light, because in the tunnel no one will read books. Or to get the brighter light as possible, you will not choose warm colors of light but the cold ones. All these features are related to each other and with the price of light.

Each new technology requires a new approach and mind shift in the use of it.

On this website we wish to advice you as specialist in LED lights what you need to consider when you are buying LED lights. What you should know about LED lights and what marketing tricks are used in advertising LED lights. We will present each particular property of LED lighting, and which features are important for a variety of lighting application.

We hope you will enjoy learning about the new LED technology.

LED Technology