Fosilum wooden LED lights


Fosilum is presenting you the new family of wooden LED lights. Our wooden LED lamps are offering superior design and good lighting features. In design of our LED lights we are exploiting special wood properties as shininess and wood texture. In the history the wood was one of important construction material and is preserving its role in construction even today. This is the reason that we had decided to use wood as material from which we want to construct LED lights. If you doubt in safety of wooden LED lights, there is no doubt that wood is a suitable material for construction of LED lights.  You should know that in LED technology just a little part of electrical energy is transformed to heat. Most of the energy is transformed to the light. This is the reason why wooden LED lights are safe from self damage. 


Anya LED light


We are representing you the wooden LED light Anya1 and Anya2, which are build from basic Fosilum LED module. You can use it for indirect lighting as a wall light. It could be installed in children rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. It could be used for lighting of corridors, stairways, lighting of arts and pictures.

Anya leseno LED svetilo

Anya LED light is not the only Fosilum wooden LED light. Corona LED light is embellished in wood to. It could be used for lighting of offices, living rooms, pool tables and other playing boards.


 Cororna lesen LED luč Cororna lesen LED luč

Represented wooden LED lights are not the last Fosilum wooden products.  In the future you can expect even more wooden lights.

Anya3 LED light