Fosilum, because we care about our future.

Our technical skills and creative energy have encouraged us to design new lights that are based on energy efficiency and usability. An inspiration for the brand Fosilum comes from Ancient Greece and the Roman imperium where the light represented good ideas, wisdom and ingenuity. The name Fosilum is a derivation from the greek word fos, that means light and from latin where lùmen, luminis means lamp.

With enthusiasm, we have developed a line of innovative lights which are based on the most advanced LED technology. The lights are distinguished for being energy-efficient, long-lasting and simple-structured. The minimalistic design emphasises the technical aspects and it fulfills the customers’ requests, considers easy mounting and at the same time it guarantees a high quality of light.

Light materials and simple designs of Fosilum luminaries combine usability with aesthetic and innovation. The plain forms emphasize the importance of the technological component. The base forms avoid complexity and are designed to make the lights last longer.

Fosilim LED Lights

Reliability and innovation are our aduts. We have laid the foundations of a story that tells about creativity, sensibility to application and courageous experimentation. Working hard every day, we are eager to make the Fosilum luminaries a wise choice for today and tomorrow. Fosilum LED lights are fully developed and manufactured in Slovenia